Injection Moulding

We design, development and manufacture products to your specifications using the very latest technology and the highest quality materials. We also provide comprehensive technical support from concept inception to volume production, providing customers with the most effective product at the best possible price.

State of the art machinery

All of our products are manufactured using ‘state-of-the art’ moulding machines, fed by an automatic drying and feeding plant. We use specialised equipment for secondary processes, some of which have been designed and manufactured ‘In-house’ to our own specifications to meet the demands of our customers.

Mould trial services

Mould trial and proving services are provided for companies that wish to optimise products before they are transferred to their own manufacturing process, or to support the customer in the design and development process.

In all circumstances where product design and material selection is key to performance, FEA support is provided by our material suppliers.

Mould tooling

At Hi-Mark, we work almost exclusively with world class manufacturer certified toolmakers ensuring the very highest quality of mould tool. These tools are designed and manufactured to achieve high volumes and long-lasting quality of product.  These tools and are generally guaranteed for 1 million cycles.